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Comfortable Clothes for Sensitive Tummies

IBS + sensitive stomach my whole life = Not much fun with pants!

I am so picky and prefer dresses for comfort mostly! However, over the years I have become more successful with finding comfortable clothes that still make me feel cute.

I want to preface this by saying that I have nothing against tighter clothes that make women feel sexy (go girl!) but this is targeted at my ladies who can't stand that due to IBS, endometriosis, sensitive tummies, or other reasons.

Also quick shoutout to companies like Aerie that show real woman and create comfy clothes! Shirt is from their "Offline Moves" collection.

If you have endometriosis, Emma Valentina is an amazing woman that has created a lovely community of ladies and has even created a pair of endo friendly pants!

All my photos have embedded links to outfits so click away! If I've missed anything comment, email, or DM me! I'll keep this as a running list.

Things I've learned over the years:

  1. Compressive" and "tummy flattering" = let me suck the life out of your stomach

  2. When you try on a pair of pants, sit down in them before buying them!

  3. If you try it on and think "this needs some shapewear" onto the next we go!

  4. Invest in attractive loungewear that makes you feel good not those tight pants that will have you back in your tried and true Old Navy sweats in 3 seconds

  5. Don't let salespeople convince you of the comfort - you know your body!

  6. Search reviews of other shoppers in similar sizes and heights

  7. Pant styles that are our friends: Paperbag, culottes, joggers

  8. Look for materials with give like spandex/ lycra or that say the word "stretch" like "bi-stretch work pants" that feel comfortable but look flattering (win-win!)

  9. Tops that are our friends: Babydoll, flowy, "A-line", fun patterns, sweatshirt dresses

  10. If you bloat often and are self-conscious about it, size up and go for the oversized look! With leggings it is v flattering and hey Ariana Grande does it daily.


Pants under $100 that aren't sweats (though honey we like those too!):

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