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Finding Comfort in Shelter

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

This past week has been challenging, and I suspect it will only get worse. I am based in the SF Bay Area, where the COVID-19 case count is one of the highest in the US. My family is staying safe and hunkering down indoors.

It's easy to wallow and think about all the adventures we are missing out on this Spring. However, the most important thing is our safety. On the bright side, I've been refunded for some of my planned adventures (Stagecoach, flights, etc). While, yes most of it is going back in the bank, I'm investing a bit of it in the most important thing right now - me, myself, and I.

Sometimes a little retail therapy can help us take our mind off of all this craziness. If you're in need of some comfort items, now is the time to do it. There are more sales right now, then I've ever seen before!

Check out some of my favorite items right now, including home items and cozy clothing picks for petites. Some of the items linked are selling out fast.

Some notable (25%+) sales with petite choices: Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Ann Taylor


Find the things that keep you sane! For me, that has been:

  • Singing in the shower - sometimes it seems like the only me time I get these days!

  • Cozying up in bed with my "boyfriend pillow" and silk pillow case (even got one for the jealous boyfriend on my right who kept stealing it)

  • Sipping on my Nespresso lattes (Roma capsule = best!) in this Hello Happiness mug

  • Rolling out all my stress tension and taking advantage of free pilates classes online


Some of my current obsessions/ tips:

  • Matching sets (great for travel too, when this pandemic is over!)

  • Tie dye everything

  • Athleisure - LOVE Athleta brand which has petite sizes and powervita fabric = butter

  • Girls sizes - I've been known to shop in the kiddo section for clothes and shoes that are identical to adults and 50+% cheaper! Bonus is that the arms tend to be shorter

  • Search for cropped pants that will hit ankle length on ladies 5'2" and below



How is everyone handling staying inside during this time? Any tips for avoiding that natural grumpiness? Sending my love to all!

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