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2020 Gift Guide for Him

Some gift ideas for the guys in your life. Although, these aren't gender exclusive - I snagged a bunch while making this guide as well! Send me your suggestions and I'll keep adding them to the list.

The Techie

Expecting great deals on all of these as we move into Black Friday and November sales!

A great classy gift to elevate his everyday obssession with the Apple airpods. Available in 3 colors and can be customized with initials!

Tile Pro, $32 (on sale!)

For the guy that is always misplacing his keys or any other prized possession. You'll thank yourself for buying this gift!

When you are sick of looking at the chords all over your bedside table - pick one of these up! It will charge all his devices and keep that sleek look you desire.

Jabra Speak 510, $110 (on sale!)

For all those Zoom calls where your co-workers and friends don't need to hear every scream and bark in your home. Wearing headphones all day can lead to headaches and discomfort. I've been shocked by the sound quality on these!

We have a little more free time these days and all the blue light is really taking a toll. Enter the Kindle paperwhite that is a space efficient way to relax and read a few books. Maybe he can even take it on vacation once you can travel again (a girl can dream!)

Ok so your electric bills may have increased with the pandemic and with winter coming, it's time to get that under control! He'll have a blast programming it and watching as it learns your perfect climate.

The Chef (or wanna-be)

He may take a little longer to chop the veggies, but he's coming for your apron!

Hey we all have to start somewhere! He'll have a blast making his own breakfast sandwiches and you'll have comfort he didn't set the house on fire. It's also fun for kids to participate in!

He likes his beer cold, can you blame him? Don't buy too many or you'll find your fridge filled with these babies.

It's getting a little chilly but if the grill is his happy place, bring it inside for a little year round cheer!

Home pizzas are a fun way to add creativity to your meals! This stone works on grills and in the oven. He can stack up all the toppings he wants and have a feast.

Anova Sous Vide, $109 (on sale!)

Cooking with a sous vide is like a science experiment on how to get the most tender meat! When people bite into the meal he prepared with it, he'll be hooked!

The Minimalist

For the one who prefers experiences

Book a Local Getaway, Price Varies

Take some time for just you two. If you're shopping for your parents, grab them a night away too. Airbnb has a whole section of local getaways.

Dig up some old shots that make you smile and frame them! Minted, has so many cute options for the guys in your life.

ESPN+ subscription, $5.99/ mo

Sports may be all he has these days! Disney+ offers a deal to bundle with Hulu & Disney for $13/ mo!

Peloton app, $12.99/mo

Even if you don't have a bike, Peloton offers awesome strength, cardio, and bootcamp classes for the guy that needs to burn off a little steam these days!

Grab some popcorn and have yourself a romantic movie night! Add some old charm to your night.

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